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  • Jen Fletcher

FAVOURITE FINDS | My Top 10 Teapots

I love tea. And I'm not talking about sweet tea or fruit tea, I'm talking about a proper English brew. When I once went on an extreme diet (yeah, I know, not wise), the thought of cutting out tea (because of the milk) horrified me and depressed me in equal measures. I refused. I couldn't imagine a life without a cuppa in it. We once travelled from Toronto to The Keys and it was AMAZING, but I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't say, it was slightly let down by the lack of tea en route. I found myself longing for my morning tea!

So it won't surprise you to find out that I've researched and sourced teapots just for fun. I'm a long-term luster of them, bookmarking several in my phone and in the past I've become overwhelmed with excitement when a new design of teapot is on the market. Don't tell anyone, as some people might talk and say I'm crazy but I've even sketched my own designs! Too much information?

This round up of my top ten are more 'modern rustic' in style rather than traditional types and I've considered customer reviews in terms of pourability (I think it's a word) and usability.

Are you excited to see them? So excited a little bit of pee came out? No? Erm me neither. Ok, here goes...

Theo Teapot by Stelton I was given this one for my birthday, I like the rustic stoneware feel but the beautiful soft scandi curves. I can honestly say it pours perfectly and unlike some it holds a lot of tea - 3 big mugs which is plenty. For the first hour of the day anyway...

This terracotta teapot is inspired by Greek-Egyption tradition but designed with simple Nordic influences. Another teapot that has the right balance between modern and rustic, i really love the oversized handle.

Is it a teapot? It's described as a tea infuser but I'm still adding it to the list as it's doing the same job, right? I do have a thing for glass tea cups and tea pots so this fits the bill perfectly!

Wow, just wow. The idea behind this range is to have bold colours mixed with basic shapes to give an eclectic feel. I've never seen a teapot in this gold finish before so this ceramic teapot is pretty special.

This I can instantly imagine sitting on a farmhouse table! Its a big 2L pot so will keep you going for quite some time and the enamel rustic finish is a real winner.

It's pink! What more is there to say? La Creuset as we know are a reliable, high quality brand so you can't go wrong with this choice of teapot, the colours add such a nice fun touch.

These are made to order as part of Toast's New Makers programme. This teapot has a hammered copper handle and is hand thrown in clay with semi-matt iron rich glaze which gives a cast iron look. The designers reference forms of Japanese teaware and what a form it is!

I've always liked this teapot, as you can imagine if you follow me on Instagram, the colours call to me! The textured finish and organic shape is also a complete delight.

Similar to the Theo Teapot but made of porcelein and rubberwood, this short stout teapot is a real looker. Its quite traditional in style but again given a scandinavian modern touch, and hey presto, we have a thing of beauty!

The second teapot in my top ten from Stelton. This is more rustic, with a matt black porcelain body and seems very tactile. It holds a little less than many of the others but I think the shape and how it pours feels very different to other teapots on the market.

Right, got to go now, kettle has just boiled....

*All the products are linked to where I have found them for the cheapest price, but please check that still holds true if you are thinking of purchasing one.


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