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Hello and welcome to Squiffy Mill

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I'm Jen, the founder of Squiffy Mill Interiors, providing interior design, styling and project management services in Warwickshire and The Cotswolds.

I specialise in modern country interiors, timeless and classic looks which are warm and welcoming. As well as period homes, I enjoy transforming new homes or homes that lack character and adding interest, ensuring they are both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

I started this company in 2019 with one goal in mind: to help create practical and beautiful spaces for clients, tailored to their needs and style and to remove the stress and avoid the costly mistakes sometimes involved in a renovation. 

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Recent studies by the Happiness Research Institute (yes, that's a thing!) found that our home is significantly more important to our happiness than our income or job. And it's not the size that matters; its the comfort, identity and pride it can give us.


Take a look at my portfolio to see some of the rooms I have created and have a read of my blog which will be updated regularly with handy tips to help you through your style dilemmas and home renovations. 

If you think I can help you, then contact me to book your consultation!

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