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  • Jen Fletcher

FAVOURITE FINDS | Autumn 2020 - Modern Country Interiors

I've made no attempt to hide my dislike for autumn. I feel like the reality of dark mornings and and dark evenings weighs heavy and changes my mood completely. But so many of you have tried to convince me otherwise, so to try to overcome my dislike for autumn and instead embrace it, I have been searching for wonderful autumn interior goodness. Some of these items pick up on trends we're seeing at the moment, without being an obvious and determined attempt to be trend led. Themes such as tactility, classic florals and handmade craftmanship are all popular right now and utilising these elements is a perfect way to add layers in terms of soft furnishings and lighting. So without further ado, here is my roundup of interior items you may find useful this season...

Acorn Storage from H&M Home I find this time of year, children have gone back to school and we want to have a clean around and get organised ahead of Christmas and the mayhem that ensues. I love this autumnal kids storage basket, perfect for their bedrooms or playrooms to fling little toys into.

Would it even be autumn without a wool blanket, and you'd do well to beat the beautiful range Zara Home have brought out this year. There are so many available, all gorgeous colours and textures you'll find it difficult to choose, but this one caught my eye for its dusky tone and beautiful teased wool.

I love this - a nice mixture of materials, making it really tactile, it almost looks like terrazzo and at £12 I think its a bargain. A good way to brighten a side table.

If you're struggling to get some of the fresh flowers you love during this season, it may be a good idea to invest in some flowers of the faux or dried variety to perk you up on a dull day. Faux flowers have evolved massively since the 80's and 90's when I remember them as a child all around our home! They are hugely realistic and a lot of thought goes into the arrangement of them. Whilst it may seem like a large amount of money to spend, and I get it, it is, but they are with you forever and when you spend £30-£40 for a bouquet of fresh flowers it's not long before that adds up.

Its curves, rich wood and subtle brass details makes this an absolute winner for me. The linen shade will give off a lovely soft warm light for cosy evenings by the fire. I like that this has a modern vibe but there's a classic feel to it too, not too fussy so perfect for a modern country home.

Bringing in new cushions can really change the feel of a space and a change in season is the perfect time to do it. This cushion has all the autumnal colours going on, and what's great is there's a floral pattern on one side and geometric print on the other so you get double the cushion for your money! I'm not sure how I'd choose which side to face forward? What's even better is this is 100% made from recycled material!

A small independent business making the most divine smelling candles! My current favourite (and yes I change my mind with every new scent I order) is the cassis and fig which is warm and delicious and makes our home smell so nice and welcoming, just what you need when returning from a soggy walk!

I have followed this company for a little while now and love all that they design and create. These vases are perfect for autumn with a few dried stems in, to add a finishing touch to your console table or a few grouped on a dining table. Amazing craftmanship, the wood is such a beautiful tactile element to add richness and warmth to your home.

Autumn equals long walks kicking leaves and then back home for hot chocolates, right? Well these mugs have just the right amount of rusticness (yeah I know, its not a word) and beauty. They are good sizes too, so no need to skimp on the cream and marshmallows!

When we want to add a warm and cosy feel to our homes, we often think about blankets and cushions, but there's other layers we need to think about and that's lighting. Whether its table lamps, floor lamps or candlelight, we need to layer our lighting, thinking about the sources, the levels and the feel we want to achieve. So this is great to add an extra layer of warmth and light to brighten a dark corner and a great classic addition to a modern interior.


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