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Brewery Street Bedroom

20230616 BreweryStr-173.jpg
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A tiny cottage in the heart of stratford-upon-avon, won over our hearts.

We project managed the renovation and restoration of this crumbling cottage, creating a modern rustic little gem.

The bedroom is all about comfort and luxury. The restored sash windows, let in an abundance of light, creating an airy and fresh space. 

The contrast of materials, textures and layers create the modern rustic aesthetic that has been achieved here. Velvet and linen on the bed, black metal on the bedstead and side tables, aged brass hardware, exposed brick chimney and warm oak flooring. The boucle chair then gives a place to relax in this little oasis of calm.

20230616 BreweryStr-163.jpg
20230616 BreweryStr-183.jpg
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