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Styling Series | Pantone 2020 Classic Blue

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The idea behind my 'Styling Series' is similar to the fashion ones we see, you know, where there's a must have item of clothing like a pink blazer and a clever fashionista shows you how you can style it? Well here, I'll try to show you a couple of different ways to style a popular item of furniture or home accessory, rather than the latest bralette, seeing as I know nothing about blazers or bralettes for that matter. And it doesn't mean go out and buy AAAALL THE THINGS, you may have similar items around the house or perhaps have a potter around your local charity shops to find some treasures. This is about sparking new ideas and sharing ways to piece together a 'look' that you may not have thought of.

The title may have given it away. This blog is all about the Pantone ‘Colour of 2020’ classic blue. It's divided opinion as far as I’ve seen on social media, with some saying its too safe and boring, others agreeing with the name and hailing it a classic which never goes out of fashion.

Blue is thought to be calm and conjure feelings of tranquillity, it is also considered traditional and conservative all of which is what probably feeds the differing views of ‘Classic Blue’. It can however, make people feel sad, cold and lonely. I like some of the stranger research around the colour blue though, apparently it can make you more productive (cue offices up and down the country redecorating their walls) and it can supposedly make you lose your appetite – some weight loss programmes have even encouraged using blue dinnerware to eat from!

So back to the point of this blog. I have created 2 different schemes for you to peruse and hopefully take away some inspiration, the first being a traditional twist and the second, a modern graphic scheme, both using 'classic blue' on the walls.


Traditional Twist

I’m not a fan of ‘feature walls’, there, I’ve said it. I much prefer zones if you have an open plan area, colour blocking or ½ and ¾ height colour if you feel that one colour across walls is too much. It feels more cohesive and not like you are living in a different room depending upon which direction you face.

So in this scheme I would take the ‘classic blue’ to a picture rail height on the walls. Add corals and olives for warmth and contrast, and off-white to brighten and balance. Take a look…

Here's a list of the items I've used in this scheme including handy links:

Bed - Manette Bedstead in green velvet by Soho Home

Patterned cushion - Turkish Kilim cushion by Rug Store

Bedside Table - Ercol for John Lewis Shalstone Bedside Table

Rug - Vintage handmade Turkish rug by Splendid Rugs via Etsy

Bedside lamp - Dutchbone Ecllipse table lamp by Naken

Wool throw - Arica 100% Alpaca Wool Blanket by Urbanara

Chandelier - Swoop arm chandelier by West Elm

Art - Peak District abstract art print by Kerry Dunning via Etsy

Velvet cushions - by House Doctor via Trouva

Chair - Gramps armchair in shell clever laundered linen by Loaf


Modern Graphic

If traditional is just not your thing, I’ve pulled together a way of really modernising the ‘classic blue’ in this scheme. This is the 'go bold or go home' approach; imagine this colour across every wall (perhaps the ceiling too if you really want to be brave). Here the sharp contrast of the monochrome elements gives a crisp and clean feel, and lifts and brightens the blue whilst the addition of timber warms and enriches the scheme.

And again, if you like any of the products you've seen in the scheme, here are the links, but remember, you can create a similar look by shopping your own home or picking up bargains in charity shops and on eBay.

Monochrome cushion - Kelim Cushion 'Black Lines' by Ferm Living

Monochrome throw - Felicity throw by George Oliver via Wayfair

Blue geometric throw - Twist A'Twill Wool Throw in Marine Blue by Silkeborg Uldspinderi

Polkadot rug - Quirky B Spotty Rug by Alternative Flooring

Pendant light - Ogilvy Rise and Fall Pendant Light by Made.com

Velvet cushion - Long navy velvet cushion by Hackney Draper via Trouva

Art - Tropical Wall Art Print by Seventy Tree at Urban Outfitters

Floor lamp - Benjamin Floor Lamp by Frandsen at Made In Design UK

Bedside table - Mid Century Bedside Table - Acorn by West Elm

Chair - Mina Printed Armchair by Graham & Green

Bed - Mid Century Bed - Acorn by West Elm