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Favourite Finds | Scallop Patterns

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Scallop patterns and curves in general are everywhere! I’m not one to follow fashions and trends in home interiors, fashions come and go and it’s far too expensive to keep changing your décor; my motto is choose things you love that will last. However. Sometimes a trend comes along and you know its ‘your thing’ and even when it is no longer in vogue you’ll still be loving it (sounds like lyrics to a song doesn’t it? I swear that’s a 90’s track? Anyway…).

The beauty of scallop patterns is that you can dial it up or down, go all out or just give a little nod to it. And as a result it can work in all homes – minimalist, maximalist, country, urban, there’s something to please everyone.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite scallop patterned finds for you to check out, 12 to be precise because I just couldn't round it down to 10, just click on the headings or image to take you straight to the item!


1. Deco Martini by Divine Savages

This pattern is not just available as a wallpaper, oh no. This is also available in linen, velvet and cotton fabrics, ready made cushions and even placemats! There are a few different colourways to choose from, all as beautiful as the next. Tom and Jamie of Divine Savages describe this as bold, decadent, opulent and striking - and they're not wrong!

Deco Martini by Divine Savages

2. Xanadu glass mosaic tiles by Claybrook

These are so beautiful, the colour is delicate and the scallop pattern on such a small scale becomes more subtle and intricate.

3. White Scalloped Vase by Rose & Grey

Not ready to wallpaper or tile a room in this pattern? This is a gentle nod to the scallop pattern and gives this vase a nice sculptural feel.

4. Manette Bedstead by Soho Home

I love this bed, and so I've included it even though may be, just may be, its not strictly a scallop pattern. But it has a hint of it, right?

5. Scallop edge rug by Anthropologie

Cute! I can imagine this in a playroom or children's bedroom, love that scallop edging, it adds an element of fun to the rug.

6. Syren Tiles by Topps Tiles

These are Topps Tiles tile of the year for 2020 and I'm a fan! I particularly love this idea of tiling half way or two thirds up, enough to catch the splashes from the sink.

7. Indian black metal planter with legs at Light & Bay

A more subtle nod to the pattern, so subtle you may not see it on this image but it's there. A beautiful planter on legs with a scallop print embossed around the pot.

8. SCALLOP mustard and anthracite bedding by Habitat

A bright and fun patterned bedding set, ideal for a children's bedroom and especially mixed with stripes, the two patterns work so well next to each.

9. Scallop table lamp in grey and antique brass by John Lewis & Partners

Understated glamour; not only does the lampshade have a scalloped edge, but so does the brass lampbase. This would completely suit a more traditional or period home and will never go out of fashion - a classic!

10. Chrysanthemum porcelain dinnerware by Native & Co

How delicate and beautiful are these plates? I'm in love with their simplicity and would be very happy having these grace our table. Well, may be when the small humans are not around.

11. Brass Plant Pot by H&M Home

What a brass coloured beauty 'ey? Subtle scallop shapes and yet a statement plant pot, one that has longevity to withstand the coming and going of any fashion trends, and as with most H&M finds, a reasonable price point too.

12. Golden Abstract art print by Mette Handberg

Ok, ok, so not *exactly* scallop patterns, but it does have curves, and its beautiful, and its like a modern take on it, and quite frankly I love it so I've included it.