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Favourite Finds | Top 10 Bedroom Wall Lights 2019

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Anyone else spend far too long searching for the perfect 'thing' for their home? Whether it's a chair, wallpaper, a vase or lighting, you get an idea in your head and then spend hours obsessing and scrolling to find 'it'. Whatever 'it' is. Sometimes at the expense of loved ones who are eye rolling and huffing next to you on the sofa, at the lack of attention bestowed upon them. Don't they know you're on an important mission?

Well, if you're on the hunt for wall lights for your bedroom and would like to reduce the eye rolling you're experiencing, take a look at my 10 favourite finds from my recent lighting expedition.


1. Loaf Yard Arm Wall Light

A modern take on a traditional lamp, I love the antique brass and the lamp is adjustable for reading in bed. You can also choose whether to include the hessian lampshade or change it up with an alternative lampshade of your own.

2. Design Project by John Lewis No.210 3 Layer Glass Wall Light

Modern and yet timeless, possibly an art deco feel about it? The contrast between the smokey glass and the matt black metal is a winner in my eyes.

3. The Fancy Place Oklak Nordic Wall Light

Beautiful curves and a very classy choice for modern and traditional homes alike. These bad boys are from from the US though so over here in England - check with your electrician first before shipping them over!

4. David Hunt Lighting Urbis LED Wall Light

This is a company local to me so I have a soft spot for them, however, I've included this one because it is one clever wall light! There is an adjustable task light, a USB charging socket and you can choose the fabric for the lampshade. What more can you ask for?

5. Made.com Ogilvy Swing Arm Wall Light

Another modern lamp that could easily look at home in a more classic home too, this lamp is a plug in so no need to channel into your walls. The flex is good looking, the arm swings and the shade rotates to direct the light to where you need it.

6. Iconic Lights Capri Traditional Picture Wall Light

Not the normal bedside choice, but stay with me. If you're not into reading in bed and just want a soft ambient light, this above your bedside with some art just below would be a great choice and at £20, its great value for money.

7. Maison Du Monde Palm Coast Wall Lamp

This would happily sit in a vintage, country, modern, industrial bedroom and yet it is so striking, it really makes a statement! Just be mindful which bulb you choose to avoid it being too bright and harsh.

8. Spark and Bell Flexi Neck Swing Lamp

The mix of wood and metal with this lamp really fuses modern and traditional styles and makes this very tactile. The flexi goose neck makes it perfect for a bedtime reader.

9. Tom Raffield Arame Wall Light

Inspired by nature's shapes and patterns, this bent wood wall light from designer Tom Raffield is eco-friendly and quite simply stunning. The light casts the most amazing shadows with a kaleidoscope effect.

10. Fritz Fryer Ribbed Hereford Globe Wall Light

A vintage classic looking wall lamp gives a real hotel, luxury, grown-up feel. It comes in a variety of metal finishes, it's also available for bathrooms and in a pendant version which would look just as beautiful hanging above a bedside.


Final Thoughts

- Think about layering your light fixtures like you would your textiles; multiple lights with lower lumen level can feel more welcoming

- Lightbulbs in bedside lights should be warm white (between 2000 - 2700k is ideal) and never blue light which can disrupt melatonin and therefore your sleep

- Dimmer switches will help you transition from reading, to providing a more ambient light in the room